We deal with graphic design and advertising from the late 70s. Since the beginning we have been pursuing our philosophy of listening to our customers, and this has led us quickly to assist them with a “turnkey” service, specializing in the performance of conferences and major events.

From the late 80s to the following decade we have closely monitored the evolution of the world of communications, which was exploring new ways to meeting the needs of an increasingly complex market. Some of the important events that have opened the way to the Italian outfitters to the use of tensile structures for large events began with Studio 80, such as the World Congress of Surgery, the National Congress of professional Nurses, and the birth of the Alleanza Nazionale party in the historic Congress of Fiuggi.

At the same time, we began to provide stand layouts to exhibiting companies at fair events, by starting business relationships in various Italian cities, getting qualified as Official Supplier of the Fiera di Roma from ’95 to ’98, and as Official Supplier of Padua and of Genoa Exhibition.

Our expertise was completed at the end of the past millennium, through the organization of major international exhibitions, mainly in Russia, and in Japan.

All Companies that have entrusted us with the outfitting of their image, have recorded important achievements abroad, and their success crossed the borders of Italy. Studio 80 led them in the most important fairs in Europe and outside Europe, including Moscow, London, Paris, Cannes, Basel, Bucharest, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Düsseldorf, Tokyo, Caracas, New York, Los Angeles, Tunis, by proposing a range of different kind of layouts, from customized individual solutions alongside to the Made in Italy in large collective exhibitions, promoted by the ICE.

In 2015, Studio 80 presents itself as a company based on an efficient and complete structure, in all its areas of activity. Studio 80 benefits from the efficiency and the experience of its architects, designers, carpenters and technicians, and of its building site setup workers.

All of them may use an own industrial plant equipped with means and constantly updated technologies, as well as a continually renewed warehouse, on an area of 12,000 sqm.

We operate within Italy and abroad to assure both the emotion and the concreteness of our architectures for communication.

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