Subside Records is a company founded in 1997 by Vanni Giorgilli and today owned by him and Carolina Mateus. We manage all aspects of Artists’ careers including writing, recording, touring, brand partnerships, merchandise, endorsements, theatre, television and publicity.


Subside Records is headed by Vanni Giorgilli.He has over 20 year experience in working in the music industry.

His Experience included music production, artists management, negotiation of licensing deals worldwide and he is constantly securing international releases in all major markets.


We work with Recording Artists,Producers,Musicians and Songwriters.They are proven Hit-Makers who share with us one defining characteristic: Commitment to excellence.


International Music Licensing

Our main purpose is to promote and to license our/your new music productions and New Artists in all possible countries worldwide to obtain the best terms.We undertake all parts of the licensing process,from promotion of our/your music and New Artists to potential licensees internationally to the commercial release within licensed territories.


The business of music publishing is concerned with developing,protecting and valuing music.The business is diverse and demand a variety of skills. Music Publisher play a vital role in the development of the new music and taking care of the business side,allowing composers and songwriters to concentrare on their creative work.


We are specialized in Entertainment Marketing. We are in between Brands and word of Entertainment.We work with Artists,Record companies,Movies Productions and we assist then with acquisition of sponsors and promotion partners.We also offer consultancy for companies that are seeking to get active or to improve their marketing activities within the world of entertainment to choose the right project that match with their communication strategy.


We can help you find a wide variety of entertainment for your corporate party, special event or music venue. Our team has 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry as both performers and entertainment consultants. Our goal is to continue to provide friendly, professional service and make sure that our client secure the perfect entertainment for his event.

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